Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hot Summer Days

Well it's officially summer and we're feeling the heat! We had a great June with Fathers Day celebrations and Kathy and Michaels visit (Jasons NY parents). The boys just revel in the attention and all the noise in the house :) We ate out lots and the adults even took in a movie night! Tucker loves how loud Grandpa Bear can be and Wyatt loves having KK make up stories before bedtime and reading all his new books she buys him. And we all love how silly we can be together. This picture is in our front yard. I had just scraped Wyatt with my ring (well, 5 carats is a lot to carry around..hahah) and GPB and KK were trying desperately to get Tucker to smile for a photo..just one buddy.. PLEASE!!! Oh well, it was a funny photo anyway.

Fathers Day occurred during their visit. Wy, Grandpa and Daddy went to Home Depot for some TOOL TIME. They had a special project you could do with kids. Wyatt and GPB worked hard on what would become a leaf press. We have no idea what to do with it now that it's done..but MAN they did a great job :)

On Sunday Jasons sister and her family came to visit as well as my Dad. We had a great cookout with lots of good food and the weather was great. We sat under the trees and watched the kids play in the pool. Below Tucker is shaking his head like a little puppy trying to shake off the water. He loves the water and had a blast trying to copy Wyatt diving "under" the water. Dad was nice enough to let Tucker lead him around while we were busy setting up lunch. Tucker loves our yard and being outside in general. His favorite place in the house are the windows. He will run behind the chairs to look outside and he gets super excited when he sees the birds, squirrels and bunnies that are always around.

Wyatt got his first official bike while they were visiting. He is trying hard to get used to pedaling. he thinks it's really a lot of work. I'm sure as he gets older the peer pressure of his other friends riding will get the best of him and encourage him to just do it! It is a spiderman bike after all...
Earlier in the month we went to the annual IAC picnic. It was a super hot day but we still had lots of fun. Wyatts birthmom and her 3 boys came. Wyatt always has lots of fun with them. They all enjoyed the magician that came. He is so wonderful with the kids..and he does this for free for the IAC! We love Happy Dan the Magic Man! Below is a picture of Tucker and Wyatt on the right and his birthmoms 2 older boys on the far left. They had a blast. It was great to see her and spend some time together. This was our 4th IAC picnic..time has flown since our adoption journey began...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tucker and Wyatt at the aquarium...

We've just returned from our trip to the Outer Banks. This was Tuckers first trip as a toddler and he had a blast. He tried the sand and found it to be to his liking..at first anyway. After a while i don't think he liked the gritty feeling in his mouth. Made it hard to eat his REAL snack. Wyatt had a blast hanging out with Sam and Lindsey on the beach and in the house.

We had several days of rain, wind or cold so we took the opportunity to see the aquarium. Wyatt loved seeing the sharks and Tucker thought everything was pretty cool. He would run screaming from exhibit to exhibit.

The boys slept in bunk beds for the first time which they both thought was pretty cool. Wyatt on the top bunk of one set and Tucker on the bottom bunk of the 2nd set. They both had rails on the sides so it was very safe. Jason and I would hear them in the mornings on the monitor waking each other. They would giggle and Wyatt would talk to Tucker while Tucker would do his toddler-speak. It was a great way to wake up..except that they were rising much earlier than normal each day. They didn't understand the "sleep in" concept of vacationing...

Wyatt on the beach

Sandy Tucker

Tuckers first day on the beach

Tucker enjoyed the beach! He thought the sand was really fun. Although it was cold and windy the boys still had fun on the beach.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Tucker attacking Wyatt

Tucker has been nothing but silly since he had his surgery. Having the tubes in seems to have opened his little world right up. He delights in trying to find Wyatt and then attacking him. They play this game regularly and crack each other (and us) up!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Visit from KK and GPB!

We've had a wonderful time this month. KK and GPB came to visit from NY, Wyatt went to his first baseball game (well, first one he will remember since he was only 2 months old the first time) and Tucker is on his way to being a CRAWLER :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Everyone has been working hard this month. Tucker has mastered sitting up and is now scooting himself across any surface he can. He can move several feet this way. Turn around for a second and he's in a new place entirely. Wyatt is doing great with writing his letters and is able to read all combos of numbers almost. He especially loves to read the speed limit to Mommy :) Good thing he can't see the speedometer from the back!